Among all the stages in PCB assembly, inspection and testing are the two most crucial stages. If you are a company that manufactures PCBs, you really have to give importance to these stages. These will have a huge impact on boosting your PCB service performance.

The PCB assembly process can be summarized into 6 steps. First the PCB will undergo the solder paste stage wherein solder paste will be deposited in areas of the board that needs soldering. Next is the pick and place. In this stage, components will be placed on their proper position. Parts such as transistors will be positioned on the holes of the board.

Third is the soldering stage where the parts will be permanently pasted on the board. The fourth and fifth steps are the inspection and testing. These two stages ensures the quality of the PCBs and tests if the boards are working. After that, the person in charge of the assembly line will make a tally of defective PCBs so that the management will be notified in case there is a huge production of malfunctioning boards. This will help address the problem immediately.

Why is PCB Assembly Inspection and Testing Important?

Now, the big question is, why are these two stages too important? Well basically, they are included in the PCB assembly process for quality control. Inspection is the process wherein the assigned technician has to use a machine called automatic optical inspection to find misplaced parts, poor joints and wrong components. It is best to use a machine than to do manual inspection because there are a hundred to a thousand number of components to check. And it would be hard to inspect it one by one. On the other hand, testing is the process of checking whether the PCBs are working. This is a very important stage before the boards are sent to packaging. Once they are tested, then they are ready to go.

Tips on how to have a high quality inspection and testing

There are three things you have to keep in mind: Customer Standard and Specification, Equipment and Dedicated Technician

1. Customer Standards and Specification

pcbFirst, you have to focus on what the customer wants. When your customer orders a set of PCBs, make sure you have acquired the enough information about the boards to create. Secondly, always take note of everything the customer wants. Pay attention to details. Place an asterisk or a mark on those instructions that are very important so you would not miss that out during the process. Once the PCBs are created, double-check the customer’s specifications. Are the components properly placed? Did you place the right components?

2. Equipment

There are a number of high quality equipment for inspection and testing. Invest in these machines because you will really need durable equipment especially when you are accepting hundreds of orders. Make sure that this equipment can thoroughly inspect each PCB. It does not matter if you spend thousands for it.

3. Dedicated Technician

Machines cannot do everything on their own. You will still need dedicated and well-trained technicians or people who really know how to inspect and test PCBs. They should understand electronics and should come up with a solution in case there are mishaps along the PCB making.

Inspection and testing are very crucial in building your reputation in this field. And investing in these assembly stages is beneficial for you and your company. It lessens the hassle of having negative feedback from the customers. Plus, you will surely acquire satisfied and loyal ones. Always keep these things in mind if you want to succeed in PCB assembly services.

custom challenge coins

What are Custom Challenge Coins?

These coins are specialized coins which bear an organization’s emblem. They are a proof that you are part of a certain organization. Also, challenge coins are awarded to people who served an organization or did something commendable. Giving them challenge coins will act as an acknowledgement of their good deeds. Challenge coins can also enhance the morale of the receiver.

Challenge coins are usually made of metal. They come in different sizes, shapes, cuts, and styles.

How did Custom Challenge Coins obtain its name?

There are different stories as to how these coins were called challenge coins. The stories were told by war veterans who served in the early 1900s. The following tale is the most common, and the most assumed to be the real origin of challenge coins.

custom challenge coinsThe coins were said to be originated during the First World War. In 1917, American volunteers became part of the new flying squadrons. These volunteers came from all parts of America. Some were college students who quit school to serve their country. There is a wealthy lieutenant on one of the squadrons. This lieutenant bought bronze medallions which he gave to the members of his unit.

One member, a young pilot, secured his bronze medallion in a leather pouch which he kept close to him. After some time, their aircraft was ruined by ground fire. This had the pilot landing behind their enemies’ line and so, he was quickly captured by the enemy’s patrol. The German patrol took the American pilot’s personal identifications. The German did not take interest of the leather pouch hanged on the pilot’s neck.

Fortunately, the pilot was able to escape. He reached a French outpost. The French thought he was a saboteur so they were just about to execute him. Thinking quickly, the pilot presented his medallion secured on the leather pouch to prove that he was not a saboteur. The French captors were able to recognize the insignia embedded on the coin. Therefore, the coin saved the pilot’s life.

Because of what happened to the American pilot, all the members of his squadron were told to carry their coins all the time so that when someone “challenge” them to prove their identity, they could present the insignia written or stamped on the coin. Later on, this has been a game that the squadron used to play.

A challenger will ask the members to present their coins. If the challenged members do not carry their coins during that moment, they have to buy a drink for their challenger. On the other hand, if the challenge members can present their coins, the challenger will be the one to buy drinks for everyone.

What are the Functions of Custom Challenge Coins?

1. To give recognitions

As mentioned, challenge coins are given as a sort of recognition. In military, they are usually given by unit commanders to a member or members of the unit to recognize their achievement and outstanding performance.
Challenge Coins are also awarded to individuals who show excellence on a certain area, similar to how excellent students get their medals.

2. To show appreciation

On some organizations, custom challenge coins are given to their visitors especially to those who had extended help for their organization. They award the coins as a sign of acknowledgement and thanksgiving.

3. To carry history and tales

There are people who collect challenge coins. These coins were part of the history. Collectors are amused by the coins’ insignias. They collect challenge coins for their historical value or how they were significant during a period of time.

4. To act as an identification

Challenge coins can now be customized. They can serve as your business card. You just have order coins which have your personal information.

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custom challenge coins are a symbol of the bond you share with fellow unit members, an indicator of the unique experiences you share.


If you are an athlete, you are aware that strength plays an essential role in performance. Athletes are finding ways to improve their muscle strength. As men age, their testosterone level drops, this is one of the reasons why older athletes are having difficulties in maintaining their muscles. Some studies are done on an experimental medication known as Ostarine, which is now popularly known as Enobosarm. This product has helped patients suffering from cancer in increasing muscle strength and physical functioning with low testosterone level.

EnobosarmEnobosarm belongs to a group of drugs known as SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. It provides a growth-enhancing effects just like anabolic steroids, however with less side effects. Although the studies were carried out on cancer patients, muscle wasting is also associated with low hypogonadism or low testosterone levels. The condition known as muscle wasting can limit mobility, strength, basic function and quality of life.

Why People are Curious About Enobosarm

People are interested about what Enobosarm is. This is not at all surprising since it is known as an amazing drug used in managing the conditions, such as muscular atrophy. The sports world is also interested in the research chemical. This product has shown to have the same effects compared to anabolic steroids with less harmful side effects, which makes it an ideal substitute for steroids that is distributed in the market.

anabolic steroids Testosterone and other popular anabolic steroids that athletes use in building lean muscle have lots of bad effects. Most of the harmful side effects are due to the metabolites in the steroids egg estrogen and the metabolite of testosterone in the development of breast tissue in men. Other side effects are because of the systemic effect of the steroids.

With Enobosarm, it does not have any bad metabolites. The product has been known to have a specific effect on the skeletal muscle and not on other systems or tissues in the body. Thus, it is a safer steroid alternative available in the market.

Buy Enobosarm from Reliable Sources

Ostarine, which is popularly known today as Enobosarm, is an investigational Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM. As stated above, it is used in treating conditions such as muscle wasting and osteoporosis. The substance produces selective anabolic activity in specific androgen receptors and Enobosarm is effective in not just retaining lean body mass (LBM) but also increasing it. Buy Enobosarm from a reliable source only and observe the results.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM unite to the receptor and result to bone and muscle anabolic action. This binding alters the genes response and boost protein synthesis, resulting to muscle build-up. Therefore, this peptide results in muscle growth the same way that steroid does, but unlike testosterone and other anabolic steroids and Prohormones, Enobosarm does not produce the growth effect on the prostate gland.

Researchers buy Enobosarm because they want to study its potential in treating muscle wasting diseases such as cancer. The substance has great potential in muscle growth for bodybuilders and athletes.

Enobosarm is not just effective in muscle growth, but it also helps in lowering the calories. Enobosarm has anabolic effects and those who wants to reduce calories need not to worry about muscle or strength loss. The users of Enobosarm are after its recompensing effect of increasing the muscle and at the same time losing fat. Enobosarm is taken orally because it will not harm your liver and it is not methylated.

If you want to get the best results it is best to use this drug in its purest form. Diluted or adulterated form can result to harmful side effects or may have less effect. You can buy Enobosarm in its purest form online.